Publicity of Award-winning Works

As it has started since Sep. 1st 2015,the design competition for a logo and slogan for Nanjing Jiangbei New Area has received wide attention and strong support from all sectors of society. It has attracted the enthusiastic contribution of creative people from more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions all over the country and HK and Taiwan area as well as the participation of a lot of overseas creative people. Through the processes of preliminary assessment, re-evaluation, expert assessment meeting and so on, the ognizer referred to the opinions of all sides comprehensively and finally determined the winners of the first, the second and the third prizes of this activity. Meanwhile, according to the result of the one-week public network voting, 1 winner is selected for the popularity award of logo and slogan shortlisted works. Now the design competition for a logo and slogan for Nanjing Jiangbei New Area has ended successfully.We thank all people that have participated in, supported and cared about this competition.

Legal statement

The design competition organizer owns the intellectual property of the logos and slogans and has already started copyright registration procedures. Any organization or individuals using the works for trademark registration, online publication, printing, publicity, or any other action would be violating the intellectual property rights and are prohibited to do so. Those who infringe the intellectual property rights will be investigated for legal accountability in line with the law. The ognizer reserves the right for all interpretation of the legal statement as well as the final decision.

Awards List

◀  LOGO  ▶
The first prize
The second prize
The third prize
The Popularity Award
◀  SLOGAN  ▶
The first prize(One)
The second prize(Two)
The third prize(Three)
The Popularity Award(One)